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SACRED BYZANTINE CHANT OF MOUNT ATHOS... an invitation to partake in one of the most extraordinary celebrations in the recent history of the Holy Mountain. Recorded live during the thousand-year celebration of Xenophontos Monastery in 1998, the new double CD "Millenium" captures the unprecedented gathering of the best monk-chanters on Mount Athos today. Experience the sacred Eastern chant of the Orthodox Church recorded live during this once-in-a-millenium event.

...for a thousand years in Thy sight,
are but as yesterday when it is past... (Psalm 90.4)

Doxology and worship of God lie at the core of a monkís life;
through them his love of God is cultivated and made manifest.

One of the many fruits that have matured from the ancient Byzantine rituals of the daily Athonite worship is the treasure of chant, "I shall sing praises to God as long as I have being" (Psalm 103:33). The long hours of daily services, but especially the many all-night vigils that characterize the Athonite life, are witness to the emphasis the fathers of the Holy Mountain have given to these words of the Psalmist.

This present recording is an invitation to the pious listener to share in this rich hymnology, and to partake in one of the most significant events in the recent history of Mount Athos.

On the weekend of 24-25 October 1998, the monastery celebrated the anniversary of its millennium in an atmosphere of great festivity. Presided over by His All Holiness Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch, a host of church hierarchs, political dignitaries, fathers from all parts of the Athonite peninsula, along with a multitude of pilgrims, assembled to venerate Our Lady the Theotokos, and to pay tribute to all the founders and fathers of the holy monastery who came before us.

Recorded live in the monasteryís main Katholicon (church) during the services of Great Vespers on Saturday evening and the Patriarchal liturgy celebrated on Sunday morning, "Millennium" has captured this one-time gathering of the most notable chanters from all of Mount Athos in all its authenticity. The choirs consisted of Athonite fathers from the monasteries of Vatopedi, Simonopetra, Gregoriou, Xenophontos, and from the brotherhoods of the Danielai, Thomades, and Gerasimos the Hymn-writer.

The production of these recordings is a commemoration of this historical celebration. In addition, it is a humble offering to the fathers who have cultivated and continue to preserve the Tradition of the characteristic Athonite style (ephos) of chant, and to all those who love the chant of the Eastern Orthodox Church. But above all, it is a tribute to all the men who have dedicated their lives to God on the Holy Mountain, and a witness to the spirit of Athonite monasticism that has been fostered for more than ten centuries in this unique place, the Garden of the Panagia.

Double CD, Live Recording. Digitally Recorded and Edited. Total Playing Time: 154:03 minutes

CD 1

01. Reception of the Patriarch. (0:44)
02. Doxology. Grave Tone. (1789). (6:29)
03. "When thou openest thy hand". (5:32)
04. "When thou openest thy hand". (continued (3:43)
05. "In wisdom thou hast made them all." (7:40)
06. "Lord, I have cried unto Thee". Tone 3. (4:26)
07. "Let my prayer be set before Thee as incense".
08. "Set, O Lord, a watch over my mouth". (2:49)
09. "Thy cross, O Christ Savior". Tone 3. (1:39)
10. "All creation was enlightened by thy resurrection".
11. "O strange wonder!". Tone 1. (2:47)
12. "Oh, thy forethought Most Pure One!". (2:00)
13. "Glory. Today is a day of joy". (7:53)
14. "Both now. How can we not be amazed?". (5:26)
15. "O joyous light". Tone 2. (3:21)
16. "Thy passion, O Christ". Tone 3. (0:39)
17. "Hail, multitude of Christians". (3:24)
18. "Glory. Both Now. Let us reject, brothers, every worldly care". Plagal of the 2nd Tone. (10:51)
19. "Lord now let thy servant depart in peace". (0:18)
20. "Thy holy icon the Directress". Tone 1. (1:18)
CD 2

01. "To our Bishop and Hierarch". GraveTone (5:35)
02. "The prophets, being inspired from above..."
03. "Blessed be the Kingdom (0:39)
04. "Bless O my soul". (5:46)
05. "Praise the Lord". (4:29)
06. "Come let us worship". Small Entrance. (3:24)
07. "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal". (2:17)
08. "Lord, Lord, cast thy gaze from heaven... (0:43)
09. Dynamis. Tone 1. By Kalogirou. (6:19)
10. Cherubic Hymn. Tone 1. (16:32)
11. "May the Lord God remember all of you in His kingdom... (5:19)
12. "...invisibly escorted by the angelic host... (1:32)
13. The petitions. Tone 1. (4:17)
14. "Let us love one another. (4:21)
15. "Let us stand well... (4:31)
16. "We offer Thee these gifts of Thine own gifts...
17. "Truly it is meet to call Thee blessed". (3:52)

Photos from the recording day

Listen to a sample of the CD's (only a part on 22kHz low quality mp3 for fast download)
01. "To our Bishop and Hierarch". GraveTone (5:35)
17. "Truly it is meet to call Thee blessed". (3:52)

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