Mount Athos Moni Xenofontos

2.A view of the monastery from the sea.The domes of the newer, primary churches are clearly visible.
3.A western view of the monastery from the sea.
4.One of the many fields that are worked on by the monks
5.The entrance of the monastery.
6.Moving towards the interior of the monastery.
7.A front view of the Catholic in the monastery.
8.The primary church of the monastery. It is located in the northern part and was built in 1810.
9.A close-up of the walls of the primary church.
10.The primary church of the monastery is magnificent and spacious.
11.A view from inside the monastery.
12.A bell inside the monastery.
13.A studio where icon paintings are designed in the monastery.
14.Monks that are icon artists are responsible for preparing the models for the wallpaintings in the principal church.
15.A close-up of very old Byzantine wall paintings.

Millenium 998-1998 Holy Monastery of Xenophontos

Foundation: 10th century
Founders: saint XENOFON
Dedication: to Saint Georgios
Celebration April 23rd

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Mount Athos