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Babis E. Mavridis, George B. Lambros
All rights reserved.

Babis E. Mavridis
Giorgio B. Lambros

People that collaborated for the making of these Web pages
Helena Gogou
Maria Mavridou.

John Kotoulas
Fay Litsas

We would also like to thank the persons below for their valuable contribution in the making of this electronic presentation for Mount Athos:
Vassili Loumo

First of, the "friends of the Agio Oros society" and especially:
Mixali Lambro,
Anthoula Xandri,
Aristo Kasmiroglou,
Andrew Lioni

Last but not least the Agio Oros' monks for their hospitality, the help they provided us with, and their blessings. we promise them that we will continue and finish the project we started.

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