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Before you begin to see these WWW pages you must calibrate your screen to see the photographs as we created.
You can use some programs that calibrate the colours in the environment that you work, as the Radius Calibrator or SuperMatch Display Calibrator from Super-Mac Technology.
With these programs you can find the point Gamma, calibrate colours as well as the white and black point of your screen.
If you calibrate once you don't need calibrate it again, except if you change the regulations of screen, as brightness and contrast. It is good when you calibrate your screen to mark somewhere the first regulations of Screen, to restore it if they change. You should keep in mind the lighting of room where you work, which influences these regulations.

To calibrate your screen, using a program:
  1. Firstly you must certified that your screen has remained open for at least 30 minutes, so that have been stabilised the colours.
  2. Make the light of room in the level that usually you work. Then you regulate your brightness and contrast in screen. Because these regulations change dramatically the result that you will see in the screen, you mark somewhere so that you know, that you made the final regulation.
  3. Change the background colour in your screen in one soft grey, so that you it then does not influence in the choice of right regulation. Go to the page Gamma, and using the program that you will change the Gammas settings you try is flown a uniformity in the page, so that you see in each line, a uniform colour without the square.

Attention, do not make Zoom in or Zoom out in the gamma page, because then you will not see rightly.

See the example for what it should you see when you make the calibrate.
(the intermediate picture is the one that should achieves).

Plus Correct Minus
Plus +++++ Correct ----- Minus
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